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TH Carson of Dalbeattie to open an e-shop

When it comes to providing good old-fashioned standards of service and quality meat products, TH Carson of Dalbeattie remain true to the founding principles of the business started in 1933.

And with consumers increasingly more choosy about the meat on their plate, we know that demand for quality Scotch beef in particular has never never been higher. More and more people are switching from supermarket butchers because they trust a traditional butcher's shop to supply quality meat with the assurance of 100% traceability.

So, at TH Carson of Dalbeattie we've decided to move with the times and open an online shop as well. We'll still be offering the very highest quality meat sourced from farms right here in Dumfries and Galloway, backed by the same old fashion standards of service, but now, no matter where you live on the UK mainland, you'll able to order Scotch beef, lamb and pork and we'll be able to tell you which farm it came from!

Our online shop is currently under construction. In the meantime, we welcome orders by phone. Simply call us on 01556 610384 with your requirements and we'll ship it out to you!

Online Scottish butcher at www.thcarson.online.co.uk

Award winning Scottish butcher, T H Carson of Dalbeattie, opens an online butcher's shop

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